FCC authorization Wireless Charging & RF Exposure

What rule part?

RF Exposure Exclusions;

Inductive wireless power transfer applications that meet all of the following requirements are not required to submit a KDB inquiry for devices approved using “Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity” (SDoC) or follow the “Pre Approval Guidance” (PAG) proceedure for equipment approved using certification to address RF exposure compliance. However, the responsible party is required to keep a copy of the test report.

In all other cases, unless excluded by 5 above, an RF exposure evaluation report must be reviewed and accepted through a KDB inquiry to enable authorization of the equipment. When evaluation is required to show compliance; for example, using field strength, power density, SAR measurements or computational modeling etc., the specific authorization requirements will be determined based on the results of the RF exposure evaluation.

Devices specifically intended for use for wireless power transfer, or inductive charging, require FCC guidance for frequency exposure review if not excluded by the above. This includes Part 18 devices. The responsible party or manufacturer must seek guidance from the FCC by submitting a wireless charging application inquiry at http://www.fcc.gov/labhelp.

The initial inquiry shall include the following:

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