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Learn how to reduce time and cost of EMC and product safety compliance

Get in-depth training on:
  • Current and future regulatory requirements
  • Designing right for faster EMI compliance
  • Solving emissions and susceptibility problems
  • Grounding techniques for reducing emissions
  • Planning and designing for safety agency approvals
Sample training material

"Grounding Demystified" PDF (129KB) 11/9/2005 written and presented by Shirish Shah as presented to the OC IEEE EMC Society

EMC design and regulatory seminar

Who should attend?

These seminars are intended for design engineers and technical project managers involved in regulatory compliance of digital and RF equipment. Design fundamentals related to EMI/EMC and digital circuit designs will be explained thoroughly.

  • a. Digital design and mechanical engineers & project managers.
  • b. EMI test engineers / technicians.
  • c. PWB layout persons.
  • d. If you think EMC compliance is difficult and/or expensive.

Sample of our training program topics

EMC Design Part I


Grounding Techniques

Noise Emission Evaluation

Shielding & Filtering

EMC Design Part II


Product Safety

What people are saying

“This 4-day seminar was very well outlined. The knowledge and experience of the course instructors along with their practical examples were a valuable part of the lecture. The written course material will also be a valuable reference”. Best Regards, Kevin (SIEMENS)
“I have attended many seminars over the past years and I must say this one with Compatible Electronics has been the best. I must say that Jeff and Shirish were both outstanding. Both of them gave answers to real world problems. If someone asked a question, both Jeff and Shirish would take the time to think about their answer and equate the answer to a real world problem that each of them has had to deal with in solving problems. In the most part I would recommend this seminar to my colleagues. I am using examples from the seminar to enhance the design of our product”. Regards, Tom Pulmonetic Systems Inc

“I wanted to thank you and your company for the EMI/EMC/ Product Safety seminar in San Diego. I honestly was not expecting to learn so much during the four days when so many of these types of company-sponsored seminars are little more than a sales pitch with some info thrown in for good measure, on the contrast, the Compatible Electronics seminar was chock full of information, good design techniques, lessons in how not to do things, and how to apply the current and forth-coming standards.

Upon my return to work I immediately found problems with a PC board we are having made for us - a ground plane directly under a common mode choke. These types of things used to not concern me, but now I understand why you shouldn’t do that”. Thanks again for a job well done! Best regards,

-Robert- Sr. Hardware Engineer Cubic

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