Compliance Testing Services

  • anechoic chamber for EMC testing
  • anechoic room with ferrite tiles, cones and a large log periodic antenna
  • closeup of an AC/DC voltage withstand tester
  • small biconical antenna with an EMI receiver in the background

Specializing in electromagnetic compatibility, wireless device, telecommunication and safety testing...

Compatible Electronics is the largest commercial compliance test lab in Southern California, with four test locations, 10 Open Area Test Sites (OATS) and 7 Semi Anechoic Facilities. All open field sites (OATS) are in low ambient areas, which is ideal for radiated emissions testing.

Why so many? Because with so many sites, we can offer a quick turnaround time to all our customers, both near and far. Chances are, if you're in Southern California, we have a facility just minutes from your location. But if your not in Southern California, don't let that stop you from taking advantage of our competitive rates, fast turnaround, accurate and efficient testing, and our experienced staff of compliance specialists.

For an example of some of our testing capabilities, please see our scope. To learn more about product testing and compliance, visit our learning center.

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